Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Leveling my second job.

I have MNK past 42 and I haven't had fun or excitements with it yet. Since all I have to do is get tp, use ws, rinse and repeat. I leveled my DRK past 32 today. 35 now, with 5k tnl. It was fun. I pull, I get TP, WS, cast MB, and go out there and pull again. Pulling skill sucks, but I'm getting up there. I should level THF to help with the faster pulls. I'm going to need THF past 37 for subjob for DRK and SAM anyways. I'll try SAM soon. Only 9 now, but I hear lots of good things about the job. Best thing is building TP faster than other melees. I've seen it too many times to ignore this.
Lastly NIN has to be past 37 also. Subjob for solo, events and just to look good dual wielding weapons. I heard it's challenging, so I know I'm going to enjoy this.


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