Monday, July 10, 2006

Level 75 and couple other stuff.

I finally reached level 75 PLD. I managed to get 20k buffer the same day. I'm going to start on merits. First 12 merits are going to 3 Enmity+, 3 Crit Hit up. It's gonna be great for leveling my next job to 75, NIN. Also crit up would be nice for DRK and MNK as well.

I took this pic of NM cactar. Thing runs like its on crack. Only way to cattch it is really to link the NM to normal cactar mob in Easter Altepa Desert. Heard it does 10k needle attack. It doesn't drop anything interesting either. What a waste of NM other than getting the title to prove that you and your alliance defeated the thing.

FriendsEternal LS throw me and Aryon a birthday bash. This is probably the coolest item you can use while inside... It's too bad I can't do savage blade in here. Would look real gay. >.> I want to thank Edrik, Crowman, Jurge, Repah, Aryon, and Jano.


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