Thursday, July 27, 2006

KSNM 30: Operation Desert Swarm!

I've been doing this KSNM for 2 weeks now. My friends and I have a good strategy down that it works quite nicely without any sort of mana burn. 1 or 2 deaths are expected in these runs, but we do quite well. So far, out of 13 runs, we have seen v.claw drop x2, d.ingot, and d.cloth. Around 2.7mil - 2.8mil from the pool. Everyone is doing the same work and expecting same threat, so we should all split equally. I think that in FFXI, every character, not the player, is good at something. Some characters are better at NM drops, some are great in BCNM, and I believe that my character is good at BCNM runs. I have never gotten disapointing drops from any orbs I have traded. BCNM 40, first toughest BCNM I did, I managed to get Erase, Survival belt as high price items so I could afford the Gluttony Sword. KSNM 30 has been very profitable for me.

Every character should experiment with NMs, BCNM, KSNM to see what the characters are good for. Then again... FFXI drops is all based on luck....


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